Tips for Relocating Your Business

Relocating your work comes with a lot of questions. How long will it take? Will the new space be big enough? Is it worth it? These are all questions you will come to find the answer to. There are plenty of reasons for relocating your offices: maybe your team has grown, or maybe you’re relocating. Whatever the reason, you want to make the process as smooth as possible, and here are the ways to do that. 

Hire the Best Movers

When it comes to moving office equipment, you don’t want just anyone. By finding both a moving and storage company that focuses on climate control, you know for sure that all the expensive computers and equipment are in safe hands. After all, your computers contain your business’s sensitive information, so you want them to be safe! There’s no worse feeling than finding your property has been damaged during a move, so by going to the best, you will take away much of the stress. 

Keep Staff Up to Date

You want to be as upfront with your staff as possible. Remember, it’s a big change for them, too, so make sure they’re all in the know. Make sure everyone knows where they’re moving to and how long they have to clear out their desks. This way, you won’t cause any tension between you and the staff and you can all work together to get it done smoothly. 

Create a Plan

Write down the list of moving tasks just as you would for your business. By doing this, you will see the work that needs doing clearly, meaning there’s less chance of forgetting something. This should include boxing, van hire, decorating, and everything else that’s involved in a workplace move. 

Assign Tasks

Get everyone on board! The packing up isn’t going to be easy, but by assigning different tasks throughout the office, it will be a much smoother process. The great thing about moving office is you already have a group of staff on hand, so if everyone is willing to put in their weight, the time spent on the moving process will be greatly minimized. 

Back up Data

As previously mentioned, your workplace will have sensitive data on your computers. Of course, by using reliable movers, there’s little chance of damage, but you can never be too careful! Before packing everything up, back your data up by storing it on the cloud, or storing it on hard drives. It will give you extra peace of mind when years’ worth of business is stored in a box. 

Remember to Update Your Work Address

This one is important but easily forgotten: update everything with your new work address to avoid future disruption. You don’t want a huge order to go to your old place! Update business cards, your websites, social media – everything! It’ll be an even bigger hassle in the future if you forget now. 

Moving is always stressful, but by having a solid plan, you will mitigate any surprise stress. Just keep the process going and look forward to setting up your new desk in a brand-new workspace.