Top 5 ATV Tires Recommended For 2019

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all ATV tire, and if you’re somebody who participates in a lot of different activities with your machine, you might even need more than one tire recommendation for the same machine. The best sand tire isn’t the best mud tire, after all, and you might want something different when you’re doing work around your property than what you prefer during your off-roading adventures. That’s why each of these tires suits a unique purpose well, and why this top five is presented without ranking the tires side by side.

1. The Kenda Bearclaw K299

The angled knobs and wide tread on the Bearclaw held grab the terrain, making them a great choice for all-terrain or multi-terrain riding. These tires are not highway rated, so ATVs that use paved roadways or driveways are not going to get the ideal performance from them, but off-roading adventures that move through a few types of earth as the trail winds will find the ride gets more consistent across all of them with a well-rounded tire like this one.

2. GBC Dirt Commander ATV/UTV Tire

This tire has deeper grooves in the tread with a more finely packed tread to its high-grip, knobby design. This provides better performance on rocky terrain, including packed dirt roads and paved surfaces. It still gives its all to dirt tracks and deserts, too, so it is ideal for outings that might move between rocky and desert surfaces, even if there is some grassland or forest in between.

3. Carlisle All Trail II ATV

This choice was added to the list because it is ideally suited to trail riding, even as the seasons change and the weather moves from dry to muddy. The tread design looks almost like what you would expect from some off-road motorcycle tires, like the ones you’d put on a DualSport that spends a little more time off the road than on it. The deep grooves and knobby design give it traction when the dirt gets loose or wet and grip when it gets hard-packed, so you can keep your speed across changes in trail conditions without losing traction.

4. ITP Mudlite AT ATV

This tire is rated for all terrains, as are most on this list, so it will perform well on variable tracks. At the same time, it’s clear from both the tire’s name and its tread pattern what it is optimized to do. If you’re a rider who spends a lot of time in the mud but you have enough terrain variability that you want to stay away from a dedicated mud tire, this choice is designed to give you just the performance you are looking for.

5. Sedona Coyote

This model tells you up front with its name that it wants to be your choice for desert landscapes. With a little edge on the Dirt Commander when it comes to loose sand and dirt, it’s a great choice when you’re not planning on a transition to rocky surfaces but you want grip when the earth gets packed or transitions from sand to soil. You can find them where you find all the best motorcycle parts and accessories, along with all the other selections from this list.