Top Places To Move As An Expat

Travelling abroad for work is becoming a popular trend these days, because people get to experience a different culture than what they are used to, and the paycheck is bigger than what they got at home. Some people work abroad because their job required them to do so, while others voluntarily move overseas in search of a better payday. Whatever your reasons may be, if you plan to work overseas, these are the top destinations to be.

#5. Thailand.

Thailand is known as a great tourist destination, but it is also one of the top destinations for expats. Some of the reasons why people love moving to Thailand for work is the fact that the weather over there is nice, the cost of living is low, and it offers some very good tax rates, leaving you with a lot of disposable income. It also doesn’t hurt that you have access to some of the best beaches in the world, and the locals are very friendly.

#4. Australia.

Australia is a great destination for expats because it offers a great quality of life. Since it is an English speaking country, you don’t have to deal with a language barrier. The climate over there is great, and the citizens are friendly. It is also a great place to move with the entire family because they have a great education system, and plenty of things to keep the whole family occupied.

#3. Canada.

Canada is a great destination that is very welcoming and accommodating to expats. The Canadians have a universal health care system, so you don’t have to worry about any medical bills, especially if you have a family. Most expats that have lived in Canada recommend it because of the great quality of life, their educational system, and affordable housing.

#2. China.

Most people who contemplate moving to China for work are a little wary because it is a communist country and they also assume they won’t be able to handle the language barrier. Unlike some of the other countries on this list, the weather in China isn’t great, but, they have a very good educational system, and it is a very profitable place to work as well. The social life in China is surprisingly good, and the language barrier isn’t that big a deal, because you will find some locals that speak a little English, and pick up a little bit of the language along the way.

#1. Germany.

Germany is the ideal country to move to if you want to work overseas. They have a great economy, a very low crime rate, a great educational system, and a stable political system. The language barrier isn’t a big deal because there are a lot of Germans who speak English, and the locals are very friendly.