Top Sights to See in Cambodia

Adventurous travellers don’t want the everyday. They don’t want the tourist hotspots like trying to crowd around the Mona Lisa or shoulder their way along Oxford street. True adventurers want to see the world and, more importantly, experience the cultures of its peoples. History has evolved in so many unique ways, and seeing countries that grew up differently than our own is invaluable and enticing. 

Cambodia is a great country to explore. It is full of genuinely kind people and some truly beautiful landscapes and hotspots. Let’s see just what they have on offer. 


The first thing that comes to mind for many when Cambodia is mentioned is undoubtedly the stunning, almost otherworldly temples. Organic in appearance and, in many cases, overgrown between massive tree roots, these temples are the highlight of any trip to Cambodia: 

  • Angkor Wat 
  • Bayon 
  • Ta Prohm Temple 


Cambodia features a stunning mix between Cambodian and French architecture, back from its days as a colony. With cities that were once known as the Paris of the East and ancient cities that are hidden in the jungle, you are sure to see a unique mix of cultures and designs in these top cities:

  • Siem Reap 
  • Phnom Penh 


National parks, rivers, and stunning landscapes are as prevalent in Cambodia as they are in other infamous locations like Vietnam or Laos. 

  • Phnom Kulen National Park  
  • Tonlé Sap 
  • Banan 

How to Explore Cambodia 

Knowing the top sights, best cities, and great excursions to go through can help you either plan your trip or decide on which pre-planned trip is right for you. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have it in you to go through the intense research and planning that is necessary to build your own trip from scratch. Cambodia holidays should help you do and see everything on your bucket list. If you feel more comfortable having all the travel arrangements pre-arranged, that does not mean you are not adventurous, just that you are practical and want to enjoy a trip rather than stress about planning it. 

How to Pack for Cambodia 

  • Lightweight Materials 

Choose lightweight and breathable fabrics when travelling. Even wool can be a great option as it naturally regulates your body temperature and can help wick away moisture, keeping you dry even in wet heat. This doesn’t mean bring your fuzzy sweaters, but anything flat woven and breathable is ideal. 

  • Long Sleeves and Trousers 

The only place you absolutely must cover your legs and shoulders are in religious sites, but there are many benefits to opting for long clothing throughout your travels. For one, they protect your skin from the heat of the sun and can protect you from sunburn. The second reason? Long sleeves and trousers or skirts help keep the mosquitoes at bay. 

  • A Pashmina or Sarong 

A great souvenir that you can buy in Cambodia that will help in your travels is definitely a sarong, which is a versatile and beautiful item you can use to accessorise, cover-up when at temples, or just offer more protection from the sun.