Top Tips to Enhance Your Facial Features

I’ve been busy these past weeks researching how to achieve a flattering look that enhances my best facial features, and the outcome has been very encouraging. Being the inquisitive person I am, trying the tips I found was a delightful experience. There were a few mistakes while using some of the tips for the first time but the best part is making errors is part of the learning process. I understood the errors and how to avoid them going forward.

In this post, I will be revealing some of the tips that can be used to improve your facial features successfully.

The use of eyeliners

The eyes are one of the first features people notice in public. I spent some time researching how to improve the way our eyes look to the other person. I found out that eyeliners can be used in very creative ways to improve the look in my eyes. The use of eyeliners should be done to complement other facial features such as the lips, nose, and cheekbones. Eyeliners highlight the boundaries of the eyelashes; they can be used to achieve a smoky look, create ‘wings,’ or to achieve a tight lining that makes the eyelashes stand out. I tried the gel based and the liquid eyeliners. So far, the liquid eyeliners work best for me, so my goal is to find the best liquid eyeliners to test, and find my preferred brand.

Highlighting cheekbones

I found ways to make my cheeks look less hollow. I am sure many people out there have the same experiences as I do and good enough, there is a solution. The cheekbones enhance the fluid lines that create a beautiful balance of all facial features. This balance will be distorted if the cheekbones do not compliment the look. Fillers can be used to enhance the appearance of the cheeks. Fillers can be injected, they usually last for a couple of months as advised by the consultant, but averagely the biodegradable fillers for cheekbones last for two years. Alternatively, the right use of makeup to improve cheekbone features, this can be done to achieve different kinds of looks.

Enhancing the nose

After the eyes, our noses are the most distinctive features that will be first noticed. Many people are conscious about the way it looks. There are, however, permanent solutions that can restructure the appearance of the nose. One of such options is rhinoplasty. It is a common plastic surgery procedure to enhance the features of the nose. The results will be excellent if it is done by an expert. The process involves surgically modifying the nasal bones to look perfect. Rhinoplasty usually leaves the patient with a swelling which is common with this kind of surgical procedure. But it doesn’t last very long. See for further advice on this.

Making the lips look fuller

Who wouldn’t be happier with fuller looking lips? I found two options, the use of injections which introduce biodegradable fillers to enhance the lip structure, or the use of makeup to highlight full lips. The use of matching lipstick will work the magic to get attractive looking lips.

I am happy with my discoveries, and it gives me so much pleasure to share these tips. My thirst for information is insatiable, so I will certainly be discovering more helpful tips for everyone.