Unique Gift Ideas For Family And Friends

Whether you are buying for a teenager or a newborn baby, it can get really hard choosing and picking presents. It doesn’t get any easier either because as time goes on the list of presents you have to buy just grows. So are there any unique ideas left out there that will surprise even the pickiest of recipients?

Personalized Memories

You can get the recipient a blanket made up of things that they love or cherish, from their old t-shirts turned into t-shirt blankets to their old baby clothes turned into a custom cushion cover or patchwork teddy bear. Items that are made from old clothing hold sentimental value and are fantastic to look at and talk about. Whether you pick a large selection of clothing or a few cherished pieces, the finished product will look fantastic for years to come.

Coaster and Placemat Sets

You can get your favorite photos turned into coasters or placement sets that they can use within their homes. Pick photos that capture memories, or choose ones that capture the spirit of the person or people. Whether you go for a mosaic effect coaster print set or a high gloss placement and coaster set, the recipient will not be disappointed with what they receive.


From a caricature of them and their family to a black and white pencil drawing, a piece of artwork that is unique to them will definitely be one of the best gifts that they ever receive. Whether you do the artwork yourself or you commission a piece from a local artist, the thought and effort you’re put in will not go unnoticed.

Personalized Tile

This is the perfect gift for people that are moving home or even setting up their first home. A personalized tile that can be used in their bathroom or kitchen featuring their favorite sports club, team, picture, or photo is sure to be something that they haven’t seen or received before, and it will certainly be something that will create a talking point with anyone that happens to see it.

Trinkets and Smaller Items

You don’t have to spend lots of money to show you care, and sometimes a little gift can brighten up someone’s day. From heat-changing mugs to initial keyrings made from resin, there are lots of small, personal, and unique gifts that are perfect for showing someone that you care.

There are, of course, lots of gifts that you can buy including standard items which you can purchase from high street stores, but, why stick with plain and boring when there are so many beautiful and unique gifts out there that you can choose from? Support smaller independent retailers that make their own things as and when you can. Gifts that are personal will last longer and stand the test of time. All you need to do is take some time out to establish what you think they may enjoy the most.