Van-derful: A commercial vehicle’s part in your Wedding day

In the past, cars have played a vital role within ‘the big day.’ Transporting guests from the church or registry office, to the reception. Bentley and Rolls Royce cemented their position as the car of choice for couples to be, offering both class and sophistication.

Trends change however, and nowadays, cars aren’t the only chassis’ making an appearance on the biggest day of your life. What your grandmother may have considered quirky is now somewhat of the norm, as everyone is breaking away from the conventional options. Double decker buses are now being used to transport guests while refurbished emergency services vehicles are finding themselves being utilised as entertainment options. 

If veering off the beaten track and going for something slightly outlandish sounds right up your aisle, then this article contains everything you need to help you on the day you tie the knot. Here with Lookers VW Commercial, dealers of the VW Caddy, we look at how vans are establishing themselves as a valuable commodity for British wedding days.

The Alchemistress

Who doesn’t love sipping an ice-cold cocktail in the sun? Thanks in part to climate change, UK summers are getting hotter, and so a lot of couples are choosing to have their wedding ceremony outdoors. If not the wedding, and the weather forecast does offer up a delight, then why not the reception. You’ve tasted your favourite Rhubarb & Custard Sour in the Alchemist’s bar, but now you can have it on the lawn of your wedding venue.

The renovated Citroen H Van provides a wide range of recipes from the hugely successful establishment’s menu and brings it right to you — and you don’t have to worry about not liking the concoctions, as you can tailor them all to your desires beforehand. With this experience, your guests will be wishing you got married everyday of the year. Just beware of over-indulging in their trademark Zombie. Not a good combination if you’re going to be making a speech.


Wholefood Heaven 

Not everyone who comes to your wedding will be a meat-eater, and not everyone will be thriving for the usual Sunday dinner-esque options that are plated up. Enter David and Charlotte Baily who are on a mission to teach people about the wonders of plant-based food. The couple who bought a Citroen H Van, just like The Alchemist, are constantly developing new recipes and taking them to festivals across the country. 

With years of culinary experience in the bag, the vegan van is the perfect addition to your big day and even if you are a meat-eater, who knows, your preferences could be swayed after trying one of their signature ‘Buddha-bowls’.

Polly’s Parlour

There’s no better way to kill two hypothetical birds with one stone, than by combining tasty ice-cold treats with a retro photo back-drop. ‘Florence’ is a 1962 Volkswagen High Top, that originally spent her days working for the Swiss postal service before doing her service as a rock band camper travelling the length and breadth of Hungary. Nowadays the classic van resides in England, available for wedding hire, where instead of delivering parcels like she did in Bern, she dishes out scoops of mouth-watering ice-cream.

Sticky Toffee Pudding, Seriously Stem Ginger, and Truly Cherry Crumble are just some of the organic combinations offered up. 

During the restoration process, after the van’s initial arrival to the UK, the owners set about maintaining as much originality as possible. The decision was made to hand-paint the vehicle in VW’s traditional grey and pink. Due to Flo’s soft colour palette, she is truly photogenic — and many couples have opted to include her in their wedding pictures.

Le Swine

Picture the scene — Sweet Caroline has just finished, feet are sore from hours of dancing with a lack of coordination or rhythm, and the general plan of action amongst the group is to wake up in the morning with a stinking hangover. At this stage, a casual night out on the town would lead to a pitiful kebab, but not today. You can go to bed blissfully content, knowing all too well, the cherry on the cake is still to come.

Just when your guests thought things couldn’t possibly get better, Le Swine will have them tricked. An ambulance pulling up outside the morning after and everyone may get slightly worked up, however this renovated Morris Minor van, is all about delivering pure delight. Bacon sandwiches, mushroom tomato sauce, and a runny duck egg. Need we say more?