What Software Does a Blogger Need?

Whether you start a blog in order to fulfill a personal goal or whether you start one for professional purposes, you should seek to make this platform as successful as it can possibly be. If your blog is to reach its full potential in this instance, it needs to be engaging, intuitive and, above all else, it needs to draw a lot of attention from your target audience. 

To assist you in your quest to achieve these goals, you should make use of a number of different software solutions. With these technological tools by your side every step of the way, you’ll stand a far better chance of optimizing your blogging platform.

Here are just a few of the software solutions that you are going to need to use if you want to succeed as a blogger:

Data security software

If you run a blog for business purposes or if your blogging platform has been monetized, you need to protect and secure your data at all costs. Should this important information every be breached or hacked into, you could be faced with a number of financial problems or your reputation could be tarnished.

To protect your blog’s data, you must:

  • Encrypt your files to ensure that your data becomes unreadable for third-parties
  • Limit access to your data down using the security solution detailed at www.bytes.co.uk
  • Monitor your data while it is in-use, in-motion, and at-rest
  • Keep your sensitive data visible to you at all times
  • Secure your login by making your password hard to crack and enabling two-touch authentication
  • Don’t advertise the blog host/platform that you are using
  • Automate your data back-up process 
  • Establish your own Google authorship
  • Disable hotlinking and only install plugins that you can trust

Writing software

Do you want to establish your blog as being an expert source of information in its field? If so, all of the written content that you upload needs to remain professional, engaging, detailed, and well written at all times. Fortunately, there is writing software out there that will help your writing to tick all of these boxes.

One security solution that you could turn to in this instance is Grammarly. With this tool enabled on your browser, you will be able to receive spelling and grammar corrections in real-time while you write. With this tool at hand, you will avoid making writing mistakes that have the potential to deter your target audience.

Live chat software

If you’re to provide your audience with around-the-clock guidance and support, you need to have a live chat feature enabled on your blog. Fear not, as there are plenty of software solutions out there that will allow you to make this type of feature available at all times throughout the day. 

It’s important to note in this instance that each different live chat tool is different. Some will meet your needs better than others, which is why it is essential that you shop around instead of choosing the first one that you come across.