What to Do When You Are Unemployed

If you have recently been made unemployed, you may be wondering what the next steps are between your unemployment and getting the job of your dreams. Unemployment can have a negative effect on your mental health, and so it is important that you make a plan that can both help you to find your next job and keep you occupied as you search.

  • Keep Occupied

When you are unemployed, to reduce the possibility of a negative impact on your mental health, you should keep as occupied as you can. Whether you find new and innovative ways to make money or simply find things that can make the hours pass quicker, it is important that you can keep your mind active.

What’s more, you may even end up winning some extra cash to help towards your bills. You could also use this opportunity to do the bucket list things that you would not be able to do when you are employed, such as spending quality time with family, starting a new hobby, or even traveling around the world. You could even spend your time earning new qualifications or going on training courses.

  • Volunteer

If you are missing the routine and dedication of a job, you should look into volunteering. Many charitable organizations, historical landmarks, and even libraries look for volunteers throughout the year to help with the running of their company, and this can be a good chance to interact with like-minded people, stay occupied throughout your unemployment, and even get a few more skills and credentials to add to your resume. This is also a fantastic option for people who have other commitments, such as children as most organizations will allow you to volunteer when it suits you. 

  • Search for Jobs

When you are unemployed, the first thing on your mind will be finding another job. You should spend some time each day updating your resume and editing your cover letter to perfection. There are many websites on the internet, which can help you find your dream job, and if you are struggling to navigate these, many retail and restaurant units advertise jobs in their windows. You can also find jobs by signing up to recruitment agencies and by visiting the websites of companies who you want to work for.

  • Find Work Experience 

Finding work experience is a great way to make your CV shine, and you can do this by volunteering with organizations, signing up to work experience schemes, and contacting companies which may run work experience programs by email or phone. You may also want to look into internships, apprenticeships, and placements, which can help to improve your skills and experience. 

  • Start a Business

If you do not want to return to the world of work as an employee, you should consider starting your own business, which it is simple to do online through an e-commerce site or by selling your wares on online marketplaces. To do this, you should consider your audience, think of your products, and create a website to market and advertise your brand.