What to pack for your romantic getaway abroad

If you, like many other tourists, are looking for quirkier destinations to visit, you might find yourself visiting one of the following places. But often, an unfamiliar location brings the biggest dilemma — what to pack!

Riga, Latvia

Discover new levels of romance in Riga and indulge in the art nouveau architecture that this city offers.

There’s nothing that you can’t do in this capital city with your bae. Whether you’re into cars and want to visit the Riga Motormuseum or take a swift stroll through Central Market, you’re really spoilt for choice with this location. But what should you wear?

If you’re visiting throughout February, temperatures are expected to be at highs of 2°C but lows of -6°C, meaning you need to be prepared for all types of circumstances. For dreamy walks through Old City opt for toasty attire such as woolly jumpers, hats, scarves and gloves! Darker hues will go extremely when it comes to posing in front the bright buildings for the ‘gram.

What should you wear in the evening? Don’t hesitate on pulling out one of your most glamorous maxi dresses Riga’s dining scene is world-class. Whether you’re looking for the best local, Italian, Indian or Japanese restaurants — you must look good. Pair your dress with some chunky heels and wear a faux fur panel jacket to stay on trend.

Reykjavik, Iceland

If you’re looking for wintery romance, look no further than Iceland. Famous for its beautiful landscapes and cosy city vibes, it’s no wonder that this destination is a favourite for couples.

Think about getting cosy with your better half under the northern lights. Or taking a relaxing spa day to another level by visiting the Blue Lagoon. There’s no denying that the climate in the Nordic country is extremely different to our own, so what should you wear?

Don’t underestimate the low temperatures here, especially through the winter months. If you’re planning on going on any excursions such as the northern lights or Golden Circle tour, you should think about packing some thermals as it can get even colder the further you move away from the city centre.

Make sure you still pack a few dressy items. Reykjavik has a number of fine-dining restaurants and some clubs. Some of the late-night venues have dress codes, so you’ll need a change from your hiking boots and jumpers if you want to make it past the door. There are many students who live in the city and are less phased by the cold, so you’ll fit in fine if you want to wear a dressy skirt and top — just bring a coat for the journey home and leave it in the cloakroom.  

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

If you’re looking for somewhere that’s up and coming, Plovdiv in Bulgaria could be the spot. Dubbed as an exclusive city after being built around seven hills, you’ll be thrown deep into the historic culture that comes with visiting this city.

This location is ideal for people who love getting cultured on their holiday. You could take a trip to see one of the world’s most intact ancient theatres (which is still in use 2,000 years later), or even the aviation museum that’s a hit with tourists!

The temperatures can vary, with predictions in February at around 3°C down to -8°C. When it comes packing for this destination, you need to pack something that keeps you warm but is super practical for walking — as you’ll do plenty here! Think about thermal waterproof jackets, boots and gloves.

Keep it relaxed in terms of your dress code if you want to. Go for something subtle like a roll-neck jumper, jeans and some flat trainers. Take a backpack to keep your belongings in and a jacket for when you get cold walking back to your hotel.

Bruges, Belgium

Explore the cobbled streets and canals of Bruges for your next romantic getaway. What makes this location so special?

There are unmissable restaurants and unforgettable cultural landmarks making this surprise trip extremely hard to top. From visiting the Chocolate Museum to the Brewery, there’s something for all couples to indulge in.

For a winter getaway, this location is one of our warmest. When heading for a romantic walk around the city and stopping at cafes, you can keep it casual with a jumper dress or jeans and pumps — again, keep it lively with bright tones!

Want to dress to impress? Head out formal with heels and a sophisticated dress; for the walk home, you should always take a matching jacket to ensure you always look on point.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a must-visit for someone who has never been.  Flights to this city aren’t too pricey either, so it makes the perfect getaway for the most romantic day of the year while sticking to a budget!

The perfect balance between culture and entertainment, Krakow has it all. From partying in the main square to visiting castles and cathedrals, make sure you have enough time to explore everything.

Expect a mixture of low temperatures and sunny spells. For roaming around central with your loved one, fit in with the locals by wearing bright tones!

When the sun sets, the party starts! Why not be the star of the show with a chic dress and matching jacket?

Which romantic destination will you choose? Wherever you go, we’re sure there’ll be love!