White Glove Logistics: A Booming Sector

You may have noticed how those mechanical ATMs and vending machines are being replaced with touch screen equipment and when out shopping, you probably use the touch-screen information boards that are popping up everywhere. This type of hi-tech equipment demands a specialised logistics team that is qualified to work on such equipment; enter the white glove technician, who has the knowledge to handle, install and configure hi-tech equipment.

Wide Range of Industries

The white glove logistics company would have clients in the following sectors:

  • Banking & Finance – ATMs and other machines that banks use are all transported and installed by white glove technicians, who are able to set the machine up and bring it online, ready for use. The provider might also be contracted for maintenance, which they are able to carry out as they are manufacturer approved.
  • Medical & Healthcare – A large and very expensive MRI scanner would require specialised service called final mile delivery, which involves taking control of the equipment outside the hospital and manoeuvring the machine to its final position, which can be very tricky indeed! Once in place, the equipment is secured, configured and tested, ready for use, while the white glove team might also train staff on correct use of the equipment.
  • IT & Telecommunications – Data centres are built from the ground up by white glove teams and they can relocate and remove old data centre equipment, responsibly disposing of old equipment. Complex digital networks require special hardware and constant maintenance, which happens to be under the domain of white glove logistics. To learn about transportation management, have a look here.
  • Fitness Centres – There are fitness studios all over the UK, as the trend for a high level of fitness continues and this equipment is installed by white glove technicians. When a new fitness studio is preparing to open, they would contract a white glove logistics company to handle every aspect of the transportation from the manufacturer to the final testing and they are approved to work on the equipment. The maker would either deliver the equipment and hand it over to the white glove team, or, as often happens, the white glove logistics company takes delivery of the equipment at the factory.
  • Retail Digital signage and touch-screen interaction boards are installed and set up by the white glove team. They would also work with digital payment systems that most retail stores use and are always on call for fixing issues.
  • Manufacturing – Robots are taking over on the factory floor and companies like Rhenus High Tech are leading the way with the installation and configuration of robotic systems. The pace of development is frightening and very soon, every factory will be managed by AI with a robotic workforce. If you are looking for a challenging career, robotics might just be for you.

Gaming equipment and flight simulators require white glove logistics, as this is highly technical equipment that can very easily be damaged and the service includes configuring and testing the equipment.