Why Should You Be a Teacher?

Teaching is something that many people think about taking up as a career at some point in their lives. They might have had an inspiring teacher whom they would like to emulate, or they might see their children thriving at school and wish they could have a career that offers that kind of visible result. There could be all kinds of reasons why someone might think they should become a teacher. 

However, teaching isn’t for everyone; it is a challenging career and patience and understanding are definitely required. Despite this, most teachers will agree that it is the best career they could think of. So if you’re thinking of becoming a teacher, read on to discover the reasons why it might be the best idea you ever had. 

A Varied Job 

Teaching is the kind of career that doesn’t allow you to get bored – there is always something to do, and always something to focus on. You’ll find that no two days are ever the same; even if you use the same lesson plan year on year, the students in your class will ensure that nothing stays the same. When you arrive in the classroom each morning, although you’ll know where you intend to take the day, there will always be surprises ahead of you, and this is exhilarating and exciting. 

Although of course some people enjoy a job in which every day is exactly the same as the last since this offers a form of security and comfort, if you like something more varied then teaching could work out well for you. 

You Never Stop Learning

If you think that your learning ends when you graduate with a degree in teaching, think again. There is always something new and fascinating to learn. You might want to study for an NEC Master of Education, for example, or you might choose to read industry journals or attend conferences or go to training days. You might, of course, want to do all of these things. You can never have too much information, and when it comes to teaching you should always be at the forefront of what is happening and what changes are occurring in the sector. 

You will also be learning every day in the classroom. The children whom you are teaching will often come up with new questions and ideas, and this will add to your knowledge. Go into each day assuming you don’t know everything and being open to new information and you will soon gather a lot of knowledge. 

You’ll Make a Difference 

Teachers really can, and often do, make a huge difference in people’s lives. You aren’t just teaching children skills and information for the here and now; this is information and lessons that they will take with them into the future, and it could even shape what they decide to do in the future. 

Being a teacher is a responsible job; if you do it well, you are inspiring an entire generation of students to become whatever it is they choose to be – it all starts with a good education, and that includes not just the information that is given, but the way in which it is taught.